Hello! Long time no see.

Summer is nearly gone, and I will be back to school in just a few weeks. I spent most of my summer at school and traveling, so this is one of the first paintings I have done in a while.

My favourite program to paint is most of the time Adobe’s Photoshop. When I started painting I used a free software called FireAlpaca. It was really handy because my laptop was old and the program ran on it quite well, so it is a good fit for even a bit old computers. When buying a new tablet and a new laptop, I changed into Photoshop. I have also used Painter 12 and Paint tool Sai, but Photoshop has stayed as my favourite program.

I’ve been really wanting to depict a wider spectrum of people in my portraits, so I am hoping to have time to do a portrait series of people of colour.


I’m using a headshot of a model wearing a scarf and glasses as my first painting of the series. I have almost finished with the most time consuming part of the portrait aka the face.

Here’s also a partial speedpaint from the progress.


Hope you like it!



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