About Wacom digital tablets

My latest digital painting started out as just scribbling during a wordpress-class, and it unfolded into a galaxy-themed painting. I don’t paint a lot of girls or femme people, but I’m going to change that hopefully in the future.

School bought new tablets during the summer and I’ve been dying to try them out for a long time; my first work using the tablet was doing a speed paint of a logo for the school (which I might post later), but they need getting used to.

My own tablet is a small Wacom Bamboo pen and touch, unfortunately the touch function broke (I didn’t use it that much though) but it’s getting old and I’m really looking for an upgrade. The school’s tablets are the new generation of Intuos Pro, which is a very nice tablet for an intermediate user like me. The size was the biggest, L, but I think that a S or M would do the same job and saving some desk space at the same time. The school’s mac has a wide screen, and moving your arm on a big tablet gets on your shoulders really soon.

Pen and touch, which is an older generation Wacom tablet, was fairly cheap when I bought it (110 euros) and it’s price has come down a lot since the new generation came. Nowadays you can get them as cheap as 60 euros, and the tablet is a very good tablet to start from.

The  best digital tablets available now are the ones with a screen you can draw straight into. Wacom’s screen tablets are called Cintiq.

Cintiqs are usually used by professional artists and graphic designers, since they are very expensive for an average user. For daily users who are working in illustration and digital art, these are absolutely the best tablets to work with. They come in three-four different sizes, from small 13″ to as big as 27″. The newest cintiqs are HD, and the prices run from 800 euros all the way up to 2600 euros.

If you are looking for a digital tablet to carry with you without a computer attached, you might be interested in Cintiq companion. The companion model runs a Windows OS, when the companion hybrid runs an Android OS which is more common to smartphone and tablet users. These models are also quite expensive with prices from 1500e to 1600e.

Do you have a digital tablet? What is your favourite tablet?


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